10 Psychological Tricks Which Makes Your Life Much Easier

10 Psychological Tricks Which Makes Your Life Much Easier

When you are going for any challenging situation or want to impress or attract someone in any way, you must have some unique ability to tackle that and be able to turn that in your favour. For that first, you need to understand the psychology of any human. Then you can easily control the situation in your favour and win millions of hearts.Β 


So, here are some amazing facts, tricks and tips to understand people and attract them easily.


1)Β Β Β If you are in an argument, keep your voice calm, it will give them the impression that you are winning that argument.Β 

2)Β Β Β When you are saying something to anyone, start nodding, it makes the person start to believe what you are saying is actually true, and therefore they will most likely begin to nod as well and agree with you.Β 

3)Β Β Β If someone insults you, pause for a second and look at them and say β€œare you okay!!”

4)Β Β Β When you are having one on one conversations with somebody, pick a word that they say a few times. Then as they say the word, give them a positive affirmation, a smile, a nod whatever it may be.

5)Β Β Β If you think someone is lying, look at their eyes and don’t say anything.Β 

6)Β Β Β Your eyes dilate when talking to the person you love.

7)Β Β Β If you are going for a meeting or get-together, and you think someone is likely to become aggressive towards you. Sit next to them. Because it’s easy to show anger to the person who is sitting in front of you. Because it’s probably difficult to point out the person who sits next to you.

8)Β Β Β Good posture increases confidence. Spread your body out and take up more space, stand or sit straighter and stronger. It will lead to increased confidence.

9)Β Β Β Saving best for last. This one is the secret sure-shot trick for the people who actually want to give and have the best. If you are on a date, and you choose an activity that involves an adrenaline rush; this will help stimulate arousal in the brain and make the other person believe they are really enjoying their time with you.

10)Β Β Β If you are still not following my blogs, you are probably not going to see me again. If you are. Then congratulation you are growing mentally every day.

If you know any such facts, tips and tricks, then share them with us in the comments.Β Do give your feedback.Β 

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  1. Absolutely amazing… thanks for sharing such a wonderful tips and helping us follow it.. keep motivating ❀️

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