We are living in a Hypocrite Society !!

We are living in a Hypocrite Society !!

While we were growing up we were always advised by our elders this is right and this is wrong and to choose the right path for any situation. We believed them and tried to implement them also. We practised everything told or advised by our elder’s and parents until we saw them breaking their own rules. We started observing how they are pretending to be right by choosing the wrong things, which is socially easy to pretend and look good to others. This is the hypocrisy my friend. At that time we were not that courageous or smart enough to ask them back why they are behaving so! They teach us different things than what they do. As we grow while understanding all these, in no time we also gradually become like them. This is called literal hypocrisy my friends. 


Earlier people used to say that politicians, businessmen, lawyers and advertising executives are most hypocrites. But in modern times each and everyone doing the same. Everything we see, read or hear is a lie, formulated for us in consumer services, radio, tv, shops, commercials, advertisements, films and social media platforms.

All have hypocrisy in their lives. Simple deeds like injustice, cheating, lying, greed, theft, corruption and adultery are against to go in all religions and cultures. Hypocrisy is an expression of an agreement, which is not supported by real conviction or sincerity by pretending to have qualities or beliefs that one does not have.

In simple words, if someone is saying something, if they have some morals and rules and regulations for others to follow but when it comes to themselves they don’t follow the rule but pretend to be right. This is called hypocrisy. That person is a big hypocrite. No one should believe them. We should ignore them and should not get along with that kind of person.

There are three indications by which you can easily identify a hypocrite. The first one is a lie, the second is unreliable as he fails to keep the trust of others and the third one is breaking their promises. 

In the modern age people easily get attracted to glamorous life which is shown on social media platforms & in real-world society also. It attracts most people to get fame, wealth & comfort. In no time sense of competition has placed every individual against other individuals. And inequality in our society has accelerated social evil.

Nowadays everyone is a part of the rat race. Everybody wants to have the best and if they cannot have it, they will start pretending. If in case they have it already then they try to exaggerate it and show off. It will not be limited to themselves, it became more dangerous when it starts affecting others also. To impress, others will follow the same. 

Now the big question arrives, what to do to stop this vicious cycle!!!

First and the most important thing is to analyse ourselves. We need to follow our own rules. Whatever our thought process, the life lesson which we want to give others, should be first practice by ourselves. 

“Practice what you preach.”

It starts from our home only. The children learn by observing their parents & elders. They will not follow what you tell them rather they follow your actions. So despite giving them verbal instructions you should behave or practice whatever you want to teach.

“Charity begins at home.”

Secondly, if we see from a wide angle. When we are blaming politicians, businessmen, social media platforms etc for serving the most lies, fake glamorous life and temptations, we should stop consuming it. If we start ignoring and believing in such things, it will automatically seize the growth of hypocrites in society. Do not get influenced by all the nuisances around you. Start spreading the real truth by believing what is right and practising it properly. So that you can inspire others also for the right path. 

Last but not the least, we need to build a civilised society. For that, a person should behave well-civilised, cultured and responsible towards society. It should be one’s moral duty to act and have a civilised approach. So they can influence others also. Always remember your small gesture of doing right thing can make a big difference to others life.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

5 thoughts on “We are living in a Hypocrite Society !!

  1. Very excellent Blog you have written… Your thought process is beyond the imagination of anybody and in your blog You raise the question against the social mind level of people or society and gives us how to aware of this type of negativity around us or gives proper solution to solve the problem is the best thing. I have read so many author they have question about society but didn’t gives any solution of it.. So Thank you for this thing… πŸ™

  2. Unfortunately we are surrounded by so many such people. We really need to practice to be the change we need to see in society. Thanks for giving the insight into this. Keep inspiring . 🫢🏻

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