How to come out of your comfort zone!

Staying in your fairy world is much easier than stepping out of your boundaries and safe zone. When you are in favourable conditions, you are feeling safe and happy. But staying in your comfort zone for a long is like ceasing your growth. It’s always necessary to push yourself beyond your limits.
Why it is necessary to come out of your comfort zone?Β 
1) When you push yourself out of your comfort zone, you get to know your actual ability.
2) You will have more opportunities professionally as well as personally.
3) You will have more life experiences that you couldn’t have thought of.
4) You will grow as a person and inspire others.
5) You can overcome your fears.
How can you come out of your comfort zone?
Take the first step
It’s hard to take the first baby step towards the challenges. Gradually it becomes easier to cross the path. Like when you start doing gym or dieting, it might make your living difficult. But eventually, you like the process and get benefits.
Do what you are afraid of
Always start with the difficult option. Like when you are preparing for an exam, start reading from difficult chapters. If you can learn that first, the rest of the syllabus will be more easier because you discover your core abilities.
Change your routine
Changing your routine makes you discover a new thing. Like changing routes to your workplace or walking. Use stairs instead lift, and you get to meet new people. You will see different sights. Which kick start ideas for work and personal life.
Start a conversation with strangersΒ 
It’s always good to have conversations with people next to you. It’s very exciting to talk to a stranger whom you meet while waiting for transportation or while travelling or having a meal in a restaurant. It’s a great way to overcome shyness and knowing about the world and the people in it.
Say yes more often
Say yes more often even when you think you are not ready. If you are working then say yes to new projects. You never know if you will end up enjoying that work. So that’s how you can explore.
Allow others to decide for you
When you and your partner planning something, like planning a trip together or going out for dinner. If you are the one who decides every time which place you are going or which food you are going to order, then once let your partner decide for both of you and you enjoy the new way of exploring things. Go with the flow.
Don’t pick the safe choice
When you are making a choice, one choice is safe and comfortable and the other is risky and uncomfortable. Go with the latter one. It will teach you the most and give you a lifetime experience.
So, Be free, be happy, and be independent in your thoughts. Take the gear of your life in your own hands. Feel good.Β 
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  1. Very very's always happier and beneficial when you cross your comfort zone. For which the motivation is needed and who's better than you to motivate my dear😍.. thank you so much for always giving push to grow, to cross the comfort zone, to overcome fears. Keep inspiring. Be happy.

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