Why don’t we value our emotions

In the race of catching up and showing practicality, we forget to value our emotions. Nowadays we all are getting ignore our emotions. Either feeling happy or sad we always try to ignore to express it, as we are trying to play modest and smart. In that process as soon as you started ignoring your emotions and do not let them come out, anyways it will come out and may be in a dangerous way sometimes.Β 
β€œFeel your feelings and let them go.”


For example, in the age of social media we always used to see that if it’s about posting something on Facebook Instagram or any other platform, we always used to post happy moments, beautiful-looking faces, and happening life. Which is not at all true every time. Most of the time people are faking it. They make it compulsory to portray good emotions rather than the actual mood or state of mind which is not actually in a good state. Every time they go under so much pressure. Eventually, when they will not be able to do so, they have got anxiety. That is the outburst of their suppressed emotions. Β 

β€œWhatever you resist persist.”

When you try to suppress your emotions, it will burst out sooner or later. You may lose interest, excitement, vulnerability, and sensitivity. So on the way to balance your life in a so-called β€œsubtle way, you lose the actual value of life, enjoyment of life, and fun of life. Eventually, you might get lost in your life.

β€œ Sadness is the gift we resist.”

It’s not necessary to always feel good or happy. Being sad or being in a bad mood sometimes makes you understand better. And we should also learn to feel it, accept it and express it. Never suppress anything inside you. Try to feel and express it as much as possible. No anyone is fully happy or fully sad. It’s all about phases of living. And every phase is as important as the other.

Β So, Be free, be happy, and be independent in your thoughts. Take gear of your life in your own hands. Feel good.Β 

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