How to deal with being β€œMisfit” in society

Being aΒ β€œmisfit” in society means you don’t conform or don’t agree with others. You are not following the rules of the so-called society. You have your way, thought process, and norms to live life. Being different and being a misfit are two different things. So don’t get confused between the two.
There are so many peoples in our history who were called misfits in society and have achieved so well by being misfits. Great scientists, great leaders, Social influencers, and activists have been called misfits in society. Because they chose their way of doing things which were not acceptable to society. Eventually, they got credit and became milestones for others.
The main thing is that unless and until you don’t deny it, society will rule you, even in your personal space. The moment you have decided to live in your way they start calling youΒ a misfit, and not going to accept you the way you are and the way you are doing things. They start ignoring you. Most of the time it hurts but eventually it will gain you so many good things in your life. If you become strong and try to manage the ignorance by them then you will win.
Being a misfit is not at all bad. There are so many advantages.Β For example;
1. Being a misfit you can always follow your heart and fulfill all your desire. So it’s more satisfactory.
2. You will not get influenced by others easily. Despite you influence others and give them the courage to stand out.
3. You become more compassionate towards others because you know very well what it feels like to get rejected by others.
4. You become more sensitive towards the pain and suffering of others who are less fortunate.
5. Being a misfit you get immense strength and boldness that makes you a good leader. You can help people to lead their life and take gear of their life in their hands. You can lead them towards progress and better living life.
So if you are called to being a misfit then celebrate it. Make yourself stronger to achieve and become milestone for others. Believe in your ideas and try to break the boundaries which are made by society.
So, Be free, be happy, and be independent in your thoughts. Take the gear of your life in your own hands. Feel good.Β 
Do give your feedback. What do you think? Share your views in the comments. Be humble and kind.

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  1. Well said. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸ»People are anyways going to judge you. You can't make everyone happy. Be happy. Follow your heart. Follow your dreams. Live and let others live.🀘🏻

  2. Very Very True..
    My next Poem lyric is a little same this..
    People like a crowd. They have free mic & high volume speaker. So we can't make happy to everyone.

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