How To Deal With Breakups During Exams?

How To Deal With Breakups During Exams?

Being broken up can lead to a feeling of hurt and rejection. Even if the breakup is mutual, it’s still natural to struggle with difficult feelings, like anger or depression at least for a while. Dealing with breakups can be tough at any time but it’s quite challenging during exams. Perhaps you and your partner grew apart or you realized that the timing just wasn’t quite right. Whatever the context, you probably want to curl up into a ball and listen to Arijit Singh or Tylor Swift songs on repeat right now. And exam doesn’t mean only school or college exams, it is always painful and challenging on any stage of life. Either you are going through any important professional or social challenges and during that time if you face breakup its tough to handle.

Whatever the situation, staying motivated and focused during this time is essential. So, take a deep breath and read on to find out how you can cope with heartbreaks during your exams. 

How to deal with breakups during exams?
  • Focus On Long Term Goal & Gain Control

It’s important to think about the long-term goal. The situation which you are in right now is temporary. Believe me, once you get control over your emotions and get focused on your goal, clearing this exam which is part of building your future is far more important for you. Perhaps you thought that you and your partner would be together indefinitely. Who knows, maybe you will? However, nothing involving another person can ever be certain- because you cannot control the actions or emotions of someone else. The only thing that you do have control over is your response to the situation. Think about the reasons that you are studying in the first place and picture the lifestyle that you would want in the future. 

  • Stay organized

One of the most important things you can do during this time is to stay organized. Create a study schedule and stick to it. This will help you stay focused on your exams and give you a sense of control over your life. Because in this time when you are going through fluctuation of emotions inside you, if you do not stay organised eventually you lose your concentration towards your study or goal. 

  • Avoid distractions

Social media, TV shows, and other forms of entertainment can be a distraction during this time, so it’s always advisable to delete all social media apps, however, this particularly applies if you are going through a breakup. Social media is never going to be a good idea after a breakup as you are likely to resort to stalking your ex, obsessively waiting for a message or worse messaging them. If you want to contact your friends try talking to them by text or call instead.  

  • Switch Up Your Study Place

Switching up your study space will help you maintain focus and stay alert. Try moving around in different rooms, going out to cafes, friends’ places or libraries to study. Because if you seat somewhere constantly then it may happen after some time that place make you feel bored and you start thinking about your relationship and past incidents related to that.

  • Talk to someone

It can be helpful to talk to someone about your breakup, whether it’s a friend, family member, or therapist. Bottling up your emotions can make it difficult to concentrate on your studies. Talking to someone can help you process your emotions and give you a sense of relief.

  • Take Breaks

Take time out for yourself. Do things that you find relaxing, like listening to music, playing sports or going out for a walk with a friend or alone. Give some time to yourself to adapt to the change after a breakup.

  • Practice self-care

Β Self-care is crucial during this time. It’s essential to take care of your physical, emotional, and mental health. Make sure you’re eating well, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough exercise. Practice mindfulness or meditation, and do things that make you happy.

There is no denying it, dealing with a breakup or heartbreak is tough. It takes a lot of resilience and determination to get through it and focus on your studies. Remember this is not the end, it’s just a small phase. It’s not your whole life. Life is more than that and your goals towards your life are more than anything.Β Β This shall too pass. Be kind to yourself and take things one day at a time. Believe me, you can get out through this challenging time and come out stronger on the other side.

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