How to let go of Negative Thoughts?

How to let go of Negative Thoughts?

We all felt troubled to control our thoughts. Either positive or negative. But comparatively, we go beyond limits while thinking negatively. Within no time it became a vicious cycle and never-ending process. And we found it out of control.Β 

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Negative thinking patterns can have a strong and sometimes devasting impact on us. Clouding our mood, straining our relationships & draining our vitality. We are creating a burden on our health, our work and all aspects of our lives.Β 


Overcoming negative thinking is not as easy as just pushing negative thoughts away & replacing them with positive thoughts. If it were that simple, we all be on cloud nine. So, while we often know it’s happening to us, we don’t always know what to do about it.Β 


First of all, we should try to understand how these negative thoughts take over our minds.Β 


We always used to replay all the tense conversations and situations in our minds. We know, the kind that we keep turning over & over in our mind and can’t keep quiet.


The truth is we have all been hurt by others and situations. It’s part of life. But we should first accept & understand that we cannot control the people and the situations, what we can only do is control our response to them.Β 


There are some ideas or steps you can follow or practice to come out of negative thoughts;Β 


1)Β Β Β Stop expecting Start accepting

Β  Β Β The main practice can learn to do is to let things go and forgive yourself and others. Stop expecting others to behave the way you behave or think. Accept the way they are. Accept the situation and try to find out a way rather than blaming yourself or others. Just imagine how will you react if we all become identical!! Yes, it’s not at all acceptable to you. So, we all have different brought up different problems and different ways of living since we were born so no one is going to be like you and will behave or think the way you think.

2)Β Β Β Make the Choice

Β  Β  Β Always remember that we do have a choice in letting go. We can consciously decide to stop replaying incidents in our heads. For instance, I have heard somewhere, that if you cannot laugh at the same joke again & again then why are you crying about the same problem again & again?Β 

3)Β Β Β Write it Down

Β  Β  When you find yourself dwelling on negative thoughts and having trouble letting them go, then take a Β pen and paper and just start writing down. Which slows down your thoughts which bothers you. After that discard that paper.

4)Β Β Β Cry it Out

Β  Β  Β Crying can be a soothing way to remove sad feelings and make yourself better. Did you know that studies have shown that tears rid the body of chemicals that raise cortisol, the stress hormone?Β 

5)Β Β Β Release the Endorphins

Β  Β  I know this sounds so clichΓ© & common. But to burst the stress or any negativity we should start doing exercise or any kind of workout. Which can be as simple as walking & roaming in the garden. It releases endorphin the hormone which triggers the positive feeling in the body & reduces the perception of pain.

6)Β Β Β Surround yourself with Positive People

Β  Β  Sometimes it helps to vent about our situation to our family and friends. I often find that simply being in the presence of people I care about makes me happier. Laughing over something completely unrelated to my stress reminded me of the people in my life who matter to me.Β 


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  1. Keeping postive thougths in negative situations is challenging one wonderful thought
    Keep going…love it

  2. Very Good Very inspirational thoughts and gives very valuable thoughts to overcome stree and how to makes yourself happy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and gives us very nice article.

  3. Wonderful and helpful thoughts❀️ we all are in the phase of facing it somewhere in our day to day life negativity affects us and break us down but by these motivational thoughts we can definitely stay out of it πŸ‘ŒπŸ»βœŒπŸ»

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