Why do we need Inspiration

Why do we need Inspiration

We always use to say that we need inspiration to do something, to achieve something and continue doing it. Yes, we do need it once we decided to do something that we want to achieve.

But why we are always in search of inspiration from others??
We always heard from everyone that I want to do that but I want inspiration, and motivation but couldn’t find it.
Things we do to get inspired;
1) We try to find a person, a book, a motivational speaker, or any video to get inspiration.
2) Since our childhood also our parents use to say this to us by pointing out someone and saying look how she/he is doing so well and you should get inspiration from her/him.
3) In the age of social media we follow someone blindly without thinking anything and try to get inspiration from that.
4) We meet any person and got impressed by the personality of that person and try to copy that to get inspired.
So, these are a few of the things which we practice in general without knowing. Have you ever thought that why you need to find inspiration from others from outside!!
What inspiration means is we perceive our capabilities. It gives you the means and motivation to grow yourself and achieve your goal.Β 
Things we should do to get inspired;
1) Inspiration should come within. You have to find it from within not from outside or from anyone else.
2) Try to analyse yourself, and bring out the best in you.
3) Your capabilities, focus on them, know your self-worth and work on it.
4) Don’t follow anyone or anything blindly on social media or anywhere. It seizes your mental abilities and growth. Because when you are following anyone then you blindly start doing the things they do they behave and in that process, you lost yourself. You lose your thinking, your abilities, and your point of view.
So, friends bring out the best in you by yourself only. Don’t seek from others. We all have that special skill, creativity inside ourselves, the only matter is to realise and bring it out and work on it. Be proud of what you got.
So,Β Be free, Be Happy & Be independentΒ in your thoughts, takes the gear of your life into your own hands. Feel good.
Do give your feedback. And yes please don’t bring bias issues here. I am not supporting and entertaining any such thing here. So be kind be humble. And let’s talk about equality equally.

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  1. Got to know something new..we have heard of self confidence, self dependent but self motivated is something different. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Very nice thought n yeah actually we need to understand ourself n follow that pure vibes which comes deeply from the heart and our instinct.
    All the best keep it up..πŸ˜πŸ‘

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