How to Deal with Body Shaming

How to Deal with Body Shaming
What is Body Shaming?
Body shaming is one kind of cruel exercise which is practised in our society. Body shaming is not just about bullying fat people but it combines all kinds of bullying, such as your body size either fat or skinny, your skin colour, your height, and your overall visual personality.
How can you identify you are body shamed?Β 
It’s not always that some stranger or any random person body-shamed you. But sometimes our near ones or our friends and family give such comments which hurt most and we got body shamed by them. Here are some examples;
1) when you are with your friends or family while eating and they told that yes you can eat these whole, you can easily handle you have a big stomach.
2) You grow young and time to get married and your elders told you that watch your weight, eat less, and do a diet, otherwise you couldn’t find a partner.
3) When you hang out with your friends and they make fun of your skin or height or beauty.
4) When someone advised you to use fairness cream to lighten up your darker skin.
5) On social media if someone posts mean comments on your pictures. Or when walking around on the road and some random person shouts heyyy fatty…
These all are considered body shaming.
How it affects you?
Body shaming causes very serious effects on your mind, body, and soul. Constantly if you are being bullied by a specific person or for some particular reason you got irritated. By the time you develop low self-esteem, lose confidence, being negative about your self and eventually got depressed. And by getting depressed you develop bad routines like not eating healthy, stopping caring about yourself, and living alone.
How to deal with Body Shaming?
1)First and the most important thing to deal with it is to start loving yourself.
2) Be nice to yourself. Don’t be harsh with yourself.
3) Remove and avoid the people who make you feel uncomfortable about yourself and who pull you down. Unfollow them on social media to avoid such rude comments.
4) Stop hanging out with such people even if they are your friend.
5) Give a strong comeback to such losers who make you feel uncomfortable about your body. Stay healthy and happy.Β 
6) HangΒ out or be with the people who told you nice things about yourself and who motivate you.
β€œSize doesn’t define your beauty .”

So,Β Be free Happy, independentΒ in your thoughts, and takes the gear of your life into your own hands. Feel good.

Β Do give your feedback. And yes please don’t bring bias issues here. I am not supporting and entertaining any such thing here. So be kind be humble. And let’s talk about equality equally.

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  1. What a great saying…. I am very much inspired by your thoughts… I am thankful to you that choose this topic. I have faced this issue many times and your technique to face this issue will be very much helpful to me. Thank you.

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